Permission to Be the Beginner


In today’s society, it can be hard to be okay with not being the best at something. We tend to look at that gym babe, then look at ourselves and wish we looked like her. Or we see the influence that our favorite blogger has and spend our time doubting we will ever “make it big” like them. This mindset focuses on the lack of what we don’t have, look like, or posses. In turn, the powers that be, I’ll call it the Universe, responds with situations that present us with feeling as if we are in a deficit.

It can be hard to give ourselves permission to be the beginner at something when starting out. If you’re just starting your health + wellness journey, it may be easy to get discouraged looking at Instagram models or fitness gurus and think, “I’ll never look like them.” But revel in being the beginner. Have the curiosity to learn all that you can and the tenacity to fearlessly chase your goals. Don’t spend your time comparing yourself to someone else. Spend your time being exactly who you are, where you are, right at this moment. There is no more perfect you.

So here I am giving myself permission to be the beginner. I’m allowing this website to flourish as it may. I started my entrepreneurial business as a beginner. Check it out here.

xx Krystle

+Where can you give yourself permission to be the beginner? Tell me in the comments below!


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