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Self Love

Letting It All Hang Out


I’d normally never expose my belly in public. I thought for the longest time that my midsection shouldn’t be soft, there shoudn’t be rolls, and I should have abs. And if I had all those things, I’d be more desireable, more liked, and more accepted.

But then I learned that none of those things are true.

The moment I started to embrace myself and my body fully, the happier I became. I stopped trying to fit into society’s definition of beautiful and started being my own kind of beautiful. And it was the best decision of my life.

During my hike with my fiance and our pup last weekend I was extremely hot by the time we got to the peak and into the sun. Instead of roasting in my long sleeve top I unbuttoned my shirt, exposed my belly and cooled down pretty quickly. There were people at the top, and while I could have felt embarassed to expose my soft, non-ab belly, I’ve learned that the only thing that matters in regards to my body is how I feel about my body. And through years of mindset work, self-love, and movement I’ve developed great love for myself and my body.

I want to show you step-by-step, exactly how to acheive your own unique confidence, define your own beautiful, and how to love yourself and your body through my 90 day 1:1 coaching program, The Intuitive Method™. Click >>here<< to apply for an initial consultation session and start your journey to your own kind of beautiful.

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