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Self Love

Using Appreciation To Manifest the Body You’ve Always Wanted

There’s an amazing thing that happens when you love and appreciate the body you have right now. And you may be thinking, why and more importantly HOW can I love this body when all I want to do is change it?

Let’s say you wake up every morning, barely look at yourself in the mirror, berate yourself all day for the food choices you make, compare yourself to the girl next door with the “perfect” body, and on and on and on.

All you want is to be able to lose weight and have the body you want. But every day you are reminded of how you don’t have what you want. You make food choices that aren’t in line with living a healthy life and losing weight. And you’re stuck in this vicious cycle of never shedding those last few pounds and feeling the same way about your body day after day.

Here’s the thing, you have to appreciate what you have now if you want to attract and manifest your ideal body. If you keep resisting the body you have now, your body will resist back. It seems counterintuitive and you may think, “if I appreciate this body I have now, the Universe will get the message that this is what I want.”

However, this is far from the TRUTH.

The truth is you must appreciate what you have now in order to attract the things you desire. When you have a mindset of appreciation for the body you have now, it actually helps you attract the body you want!

Appreciation At its Finest

Being in a mindset of appreciation and gratitude brings your energy to a higher frequency. People around you will pick up on this energetic shift and will start to see you differently.

You’ll find that you’re happier. You’ll make smarter choices when it comes to your health because you’re in this energetic vibration of appreciation.

Your friends and family will notice this mindset shift as well. You will start receiving comments such as, “you look so happy!” Or maybe “you look like you’ve lost some weight, what’s your secret?”

You may have lost weight or you may have not, but the confidence you feel from appreciating the magnificent, self-sustaining, self-healing body you have now will radiate outwards. You’ll notice that your frustrations with your body have lifted and you’re in a state of bliss and intuition when it comes to nourishing your body.

It’s important to remember that the Universe responds to energy. What you put out into the Universe, you get back. If you are in the energy of lack and limitation or fear, you’ll end up thwarting opportunities for growth and happiness.

Whereas if you’re in the energy of appreciation, you attract circumstances and people who reinforce that which you are appreciating and desire. In this case, you’ll attract a healthy meal option or a compliment from a friend or stranger that makes you smile and appreciate your body even more.

This is like a cascading effect of appreciation and gratitude that when implemented, can shift your whole outlook, not only on your body, but on your life.

How to Appreciate the Body You Have

Here are some examples of what you can say right now:

  • I appreciate my ability to wake up each morning with limbs that allow me to walk, eyes that help me see the world around me and ears that help me take in beautiful sounds.
  • I appreciate how my body lets me know exactly what it needs when it’s hungry, when it’s thirsty, when it’s full, or when it’s tired. And I appreciate my ability to listen to and fulfill those needs.
  • I appreciate how my body feels in the clothes that I’m blessed to wear.
  • I appreciate my body’s ability to heal from a wound whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.

If these phrases seem too “out there” just start by noticing small things that bring you happiness. Sit in that feeling of joy for a few moments and really focus on how good it feels. Appreciate those little things and know that they’re important too on your journey to appreciation and gratitude for what you already have.

Applying Appreciation to Other Life Areas

Appreciation power and manifestation don’t have to be limited to body image. This power can be used in regards to work, relationships, money, or anything you want to call in.

All you have to do is start appreciating what you have now, stay in that energy frequency of gratitude, and watch the magic of manifestation unfold before your eyes.

Consistency is key when manifesting the body, love, job, financial prosperity or any other facet of life that you desire. Create a habit of listing 5 things every morning that you appreciate in your life. Do this every day for 2 weeks and notice the difference you feel. Consistently making these small shifts in energy will add up to big shifts quickly.

And remember, where your focus goes, energy flows. So focus your attention on appreciating what you have in your life and the Universe will respond with people, situations, and experiences that further amplify what you’re appreciative of. This will allow your truest desires to take form and manifest right in front of your eyes.

Want to further increase your manifesting power with appreciation and gratitude?

In the morning, grab your diffuser (found here) and diffuse orange, lavender, and clary sage to increase your manifestation power. Take in the invigorating scents while you create your list of 5 things you are appreciative of in your life.

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